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yearly Crop Hail Insurance Policies

Crop Hail Insurance Policies Hail storm damage can be partial or total. Regardless of the extent of the damage, it is always costly and all the good farming practices in the world won't prevent it. Crop hail insurance provides acre-by-acre protection up to the actual cash value of your crop, thereby protecting your investment and your future. How do I decide which crop hail coverage to purchase? Hail is a disaster that completely destroys part of your crop and leaves the rest undamaged. Acreage and loss of crop yield due to hail may be less than your federal crop insurance policy's deductible or may not reduce your yield enough for a revenue protection insurance policy to protect your profits. Crop hail insurance can fill that gap. While federal crop policies protect you against losses severe enough to significantly reduce the yield per insured unit, crop hail insurance gives you acre-by-acre protection up to the actual cash value of the crop. Crop hail is particul